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Everything in my apartment is dying!

My houseplant is dead, I have the black lung or something, and my computer is on the road to being a large paper weight. The other night this loud CLICK CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK sound came out of it and everything on the screen froze. It seems to be working fine now, but that's like saying "Yeah, my grandpa seems fine now after the stroke."  I need to get a new computer anyway since this one is about 7 years old.

Time for class. Hopefully when I get back my computer will still be working and I can edit this to write a little more.

EDIT: I'm back from class, and by class I mean 2 tests. I did good on one except for the part that required me to know about Picasso, and the other test I'm not too sure on. Anyway, I really don't want my computer to die. This thing is holding the past 7 years of my music, photos, class papers, everything. It's my life condensed into 1's and 0's, and I don't have a good way of backing anything up. Last time I had to reformat I tried backing things up and basically just wasted an entire afternoon before giving in and accepting that everything would be deleted. It wasn't, of course, or else I wouldn't be nearly as concerned with this recent turn of events as I am.

Between my security deposit money and upcoming birthday/xmas I think I can get my parents to go half in with me to get a new computer. I was going to save up for my trip to Florida next spring, but this seems more immediately important since I can always just save money later.

I'm gonna go play some WoW and avoid being productive. It just feels like one of those days.

EDIT EDIT: Not -everything- in my apartment is dying, President Anne Frank is still alive and well.

Have I hit rock bottom, or rock AWESOME?

A few minutes ago I added Warren Ellis as a friend on facebook. I just now realized that my facebook picture is STILL me, reading the Michelle Obama comic, after not having shaved in like 4 days. Is this what my life is? MLIA. No, wait. MLIN.

For once, a public entry.

Hey internet! Guess what starts tomorrow? That's right, October! Not only does this mean my rent is due, but it also means I can use it as an excuse to make a drastic life change, being a new month and all. I never get why people wait until New Year's to do that stuff, so here we go. First of all I'm getting out of this horrible love/hate relationship with soda. No more soda unless it's a mixer in a drank, and even then I'm vowing to NOT drink unless it's socially with other people physically around. This also means I'm putting behind the good ol' habit of kicking back with a beer or two and playing WoW. FURTHERMORE I'll be going to the gym. I'm not promising every day sinec my legs already get sore just from work, but every other day sounds like a manageable place to start.

"Mike, why are you doing this? Is this some form of weird masochism or what?"  I'm glad you asked! It all started when I ran out of soda this morning and thought "Eh, maybe I'll just not buy any more." While I was killing time at work and letting my mind wander I also got to thinking about my health as well, and I'm not really in the best shape I've been in. No no, don't take this as a case of fishing for compliments or me exaggerating anything. I'm just mentally comparing my current health to the point in my life where I was my healthiest, which was when I worked for Caterpillar and did what amounts to power walking and simultaneously lifting 15-30 pound weights for 8 hours a day. I felt pretty good back then, and there is absolutely no reason other than laziness that I can't feel like that again.

So here's what's going down. No more soda. No more drinking at home. No more smoking. (That's right, I've picked up yet another bad habit. I've only smoked when it's been a rough sleepless night and I have a full day ahead of me though, as a last resort to stay awake in class! That justifies it right?) Work out 3-4 times a week. No more showing up late to work. It's going to be rough but if I take it 1 day at a time I'm sure I'll look back in a month and wonder why I didn't start sooner.

Above all, no more swaying away back into my old habits. It was time to leave for class about 2 minutes ago, so I guess I'm starting the "work out every day" part early! I've gotta run! Goodbye, internet!

(Cheer for me!)

Mind = blown!

Before I woke up I was having this weird dream about... dreaming. Was I REALLY that tired last night where sleep was the only thing on my mind? Aside from a moose-shaped race car made out of papier mache? I have some pretty weird dreams sometimes.


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